Wednesday, January 28, 2015

One Hutch, Styled Three Ways

Hey Guys!
We styled this hutch for back in September.
She has some fun projects going on over there.
If you haven't paid a visit,
 you should.
But, if you missed this hutch makeover the  first time around 
we thought it was worth another go round.

We wanted to show how you can take this uninspiring hutch 
and rework it to function in so many different ways.
We chose to show it functioning 3 different ways 
in 3 different styles.

As you can see, this piece was pretty old and worn so it was in need of a fresh finish.
After a quick sanding job,
 we painted it in this custom (mix whatever colors we have on hand till we're happy) :) grey color.

 One of the glass panes had been broken out of the doors when we bought it.  No worries.  We just added in some chicken wire which gives it more personality.

Aaand if you happen to own chickens and don’t want to make a trip to the store you can just cut a section off their pen.
Yep, that’s what we did.
  Redneck, or resourceful?  We’ll let you choose :)
1st look:
Little Girl’s Room
 We started by stenciling the back to add some whimsy.
For that, we just used poster board that we stenciled so we could easily pop it in and out to change the look.
We added pink knobs and accessories and this hutch is now perfect for a little girl’s room!

 2nd Look:
Kitchen hutch.
We changed the knobs to oil rubbed bronze and added dishes and kitchen accessories.
This is storage at it’s finest. 
 Functional and beautiful!

 3rd Look:
            The bathroom.
If you’re lucky enough to have room for a hutch, these are great.
You’ve got to store the not so glamorous needed items,
 you might as well do it in style.

"Old School" rules of hutches designated strictly for kitchens,
or any furniture for that matter, 
are in the past.
Rework your furniture to work for you.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

One Hour, One Spray Can Challenge!

Thought we'd break down a minute by minute walk through of our latest
"One Hour, One Paint Can Challege"
(exciting stuff... we know!)

Hopefully it can inspire you to look at pieces in a whole new light.

When looking for furniture, we rarely take into account the color and finish on a piece.
In fact, sometimes when the paint or varnish is pretty worn it just makes your job of sanding it down, that much easier.
Look for nice lines in a piece,  and structural stablility.
That's it.
All of the rest can change with some vision,
and a little paint!
Here's our Before 
An end table purchased off Craigslist.
The color was too dark for what I wanted but structurally it was in amazing shape,
and I loved the lines and detail of the piece.
It also came with a matching coffee table.

This suits my decor much better 
Here's the breakdown of our hour...
(we're excluding the dry time on this piece since we are staining the top and had to wait for it to dry to seal it.
Fair enough?
Actual work time is one hour). 
Excuse the poor pics (it was just me and my tripod and timer outside trying to catch it in real time).
Ready, Set, Go!

Sand down entire top of surface.
The parts you'll be painting,  you just need to quickly scuff up.
I used my Dewalt Orbital sander.
20 minutes.

First I tape off anything that shouldn't be painted. 
 This piece had metal wrapped feet.
Also, remove all hardware.
5 minutes.
Just a little tip,
I always flip my furniture upside down if possible.  It allows you to  get the underside and all the little details and angles that are hard to reach upright and then can be drying once flipped back over).

Begin painting. 
It was cold on this day but I took advantage of the little bit of sunshine that came out and crossed my fingers. 
Paint doesn't like the cold.
I usually use a paint and primer in one but on this piece I knew I would be heavily distressing the body and all the wear and tear would be on the top surface.
I'm using Rustoleums, Heirloom White.
15 minutes for spraying.

Next, stain the top

Just wipe on with a rag and wipe off any excess.
I usually do two layers just to deepen the color.
Once stained, give it overnight to dry and then seal.
5 minutes to stain
and another 5 to brush on the seal.
I used a Polycrylic seal (not shown)
Then, using my sander I distressed the piece
5 minutes.
And here's the AFTER
with a few minutes to spare for styling. :)

So for 1 hour and a $4 can of spray paint you can give you're furniture a new life.
Now if this weather would just warm up,
I've got some projects in waiting. :)

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Dresser turned into Media Center

We're over at  today sharing how we pulled off "building"  this Media Center!  
Not bad for two gals who have never built anything!  
You can too.  Come see our fool proof method. 
I'ts easy!  Promise.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Christmas at the Farmhouse

Christmas at the Farmhouse this year...
Simple and Easy

So let's talk about the Elephant in the room ...
that not so designer friendly, wood burning stove.
That was this homes sole source of heat for the first 25+ years.
Until recently this home had no central AC or heat.  My dad kept that thing burning all winter long for us.
And for that reason,   I love it!

The only decor new this year was fresh greenery provided by Mother Nature 
and one box of red ornaments.
We sprinkled them throughout and were good to go!

Head down the hall...
toThe Kitchen
My favorite!

Every year this buffet hosts our hot chocolate/apple cider bar

We're starting a new tradition this year and attempting to cook up a batch of Santas cookies in this guy.
I love the security of having a wood burning stove.

                                                   Merry Christmas to you all!
                                                 Hope this finds you all well!
                                                                     xoxox ,
                                                        from the farmhouse.