Tuesday, April 14, 2015

We're over at www.allthingsthrifty.com today sharing our farmhouse childhood bedroom makeover!

It's done with 100% second hand furnishings!

Come see the transformation here:

I think our local resident is thrilled with the results!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Chalk Paint Review and Hutch Makeover!

Hey Guys, 
Just dropping in to show you a fun hutch makeover we just completed.
If you follow us on Instagram you've seen a few sneak peaks but we 
also wanted  to give our take on this new chalk paint product we used. 

We've been painting furniture for over 5 years now.  
A lot of pieces have come by our brushes,
 but we had yet to try any of the chalk paints that we've all seen all over blog land.
Cost mostly.
  We usually can get paint at a huge discount (whether its a mistint or from our local ReStore or leftover from a home project)
So we couldn't rationalize the price points of chalk paint,
 not to mention the limited options in color.
Until now!
BBFROSCH chalk paint powder is a $10 powder that transforms any existing flat paint
of your choice and color into chalk paint.
We thought we'd give it a try! 
For $10 bucks we wanted to see for ourselves!

Spoiler Alert!
We like!

I found this piece off our local craigslist.
It was in Perfect condition!
A rarity. 
The previous owner had purchased it in Singapore.
  I ALMOST felt guilty painting over the flawless wood
Can't help myself!
The beauty of chalk paint is that you're able to avoid the prep step of sanding and priming 
all together!
let's skip the monotonous stuff
and jump right into the fun!
That's the big draw for us.

So once I'd mixed the powder into my paint,
I just brushed it on.
It went surprisingly far.
I covered the whole outside of this hutch with just over 2 cups.

At this point in the process, I still hadn't seen any big differences in all the hundreds of paint pieces I've tackled before.
EXCEPT for being able to skip the prep step.
Can I get another Hallelujah!

It sat in this state for several days with me feeling uninspired by the piece.
 I distressed it!
That's where I could see the difference from traditonal paint.
It distressed with such ease, 
and beautifully!
I knew I wanted this one heavily distressed to show off all the detail.

Distressing it brought this piece to life!
I distressed it with my orbital sander as usual but this time it came off with such ease and left patterns in the piece that looked so much more natural.
Plus the time saved on skipping the whole sanding before painting step.

 Get a sneak peak at my newly painted chimney. :)

The original wood inside the hutch was beautiful. 
I was tempted to leave it as is, but it was so dark you couldn't see anything once the doors were shut.
So glad the paintbrush won again.

This blue is Valspars Sea Air
You can find it in their spring line of their $3 sample colors

The white is Valspars White Dove
Both paints were done in a flat finish (as recommended by BBFROSCH)

I absolutely LOVE how it turned out!
This piece would be beautiful as is,
 in a kitchen or 
for linens in a Master Bath, or a Boutique, to display product.

I know! I know! I can't stop taking pictures!
She's so purdy!!

The inside blue paint was watered down just enough to give a whitewashed effect and  leave some of the character of the beautiful wood exposed.

How many armoires is too many?
I want to keep them all!

Traditional paint still has its place for sure,
 but I was very pleased with our first attempt using the chalk paint powder.
 And when it came to the distressing, 
I think it made ALL the difference.
I'm excited to try it again on some future pieces for sure!
We'll be sure and keep you updated!
We love to hear good honest reviews of a product before using them
to save us all time and money. 
Let us know your experience with this chalk paint!
We'd love to know!

Friday, February 27, 2015

Bedroom Set Makeover

Hey Guys!
We're over at All Things Thrifty today sharing this fun Bedroom Set Makeover!
Speaking of bedrooms,
 check out Brooke's fun makeover she did on her bedroom ceiling!  The girl knows how to cram style in every square inch!
 I'm thinking a wall treatment would look amazing!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Ballard Designs Knock-off Shingle Mirror

There's a fun story that goes along with this picture on how to make your own 
Huge Oversized shingle mirror!

We hold our "Fancy Farmgirls" Sale out of a not so fancy shed.

It is full of memories and character and........
Which provides a magical dappled light effect which we LOVE
it rains!
We watch the weather in the weeks coming up to our sales
and we cross our fingers a lot
and send a few prayers heavenward
that the rain will be great AFTER the sale.

And each windstorm that comes up
adds a bit more "character" to the shed with a lot of new
nature made "skylights".
We grumble and gather the shingles scattered around the property and toss them in the trash

We saw THIS!

We need a wind storm!

Liz disassembled an existing mirror.
You can also purchase mirror rounds at the craft stores.

 Use the old school "nail and string" method to trace out a circle that is about the circumference of your mirror and shingles.
This will serve as the backing for support to glue  your mirror and shingles. 
Cut out your circle knowing you don't have to be perfect on your
cuts, because it will all be covered up.
Let go of your inner perfectionist (if you have one).
I don't;)

Using mirror adhesive, center the mirror on your wood backing.
Using wood glue, glue on your shingles in an overlapping pattern

How cool is that?!

We have a sentimental piece of our childhood
turned into a piece of art.

And suddenly.....
I like wind storms.:)

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Entryway Before and After

 No matter how many walls or pieces I paint,  
I'm always surprised at the difference paint can make.
 I did this board and batten treatment on this entryway over 2 years ago.
And I just got around to painting the entryway to match the rest of the house.
The results are pretty dramatic.

(Excuse the horrid Before pictures. It's all I could find to work with)

 This entryway is small .
This house has no mudroom so I wanted something that looked pretty and functional.
A place to hang coats, bags, keys.
I found several board and batten tutorials online and had all the wood
precut at Lowes.

 The total for the board and batten treatment that includes:
 lumber, paint, nails, adhesive, and hooks
Came to $125.

And then it stayed in this state for the last two years.
I had since repainted most of the house a grey/blue but had not gotten to 
the entryway yet.
I dont know why I didn't do it sooner.
I'm loving the new colors.
Wall color: Benjamin Moore Gray Owl

This area of the house is so dark, I was hesitant to paint the door black.
I'm loving the contrast though.
You can never go wrong with a black door.

                                       Before                                                     After

Now if y'all excuse me while I finish  painting the rest of this hallway
 and question some longtime friendships on what excuse they have for not giving me a heads up on the
bad state of my entryway.
(You know who you are!)

 What simple paint fix are you still living with?


Monday, February 2, 2015

I have a thing for BIG clocks.
In fact if you've ever been to my house,
Sad to say, but there are multiple clocks that gave up the ghost long ago
that still adorn my walls.
Simply for the decor aspect they bring to a room.
So, before I mislead you,
this clock is purely for decor purposes and does not function.
You'll soon see why :)

You may recognize this clock from past pictures from our previous Barn Sales
or here as part of Christmas at the farmhouse.

We wanted to show you how we made it.

We started with this orange heavily worn coffee table.
Our initial intent was  to simply refinish the table by giving it a  a fresh coat of paint.
Half way through the process,
 I decided on a childs play table instead.

The shape and size of the table would make a perfect little girls "tea table".
The perfect height for a childs rocker to scoot up to and make room for little feet.

I removed the bottom half of the table by simply removing 3 brackets.
Which allowed it to become this cute table 
for a girls room.
 (Or when one needs a party in the pasture out back) :)

We had this bottom piece left we had removed.
I hated to see it go to waste,
When it hit me! 
I could get a two for one out of this piece!
And my love for clocks kicked in and I knew exactly how to use this piece.
The indentations that were left that wrapped around the legs, we're simply filled in with wood filler.
It then received a fresh coat of white paint.

To transfer on our numbers, I printed off some numbers in a font we liked the look of.
Flip your paper over and with the edge of your pencil, rub over your entire number on the back side.
Flip the paper back to the right side, position your number where you want it to transfer and 
heavily retrace over the outside of your numbers.
This transfers your lettering/numbering so you have an outline.
We then just simply filled in the numbers with paint,

painted on our "faux" clock hands and distressed and glazed it.

                                I'll add it to my wall with the other clocks that don't tell time. :)

Our idea of using a piece to its fullest potential!