Thursday, February 11, 2016

Hutch Makeover

Come see how to take the "Grandma's  hutch" from dated,

to fresh and new!

See this and more hutch makeovers at All Things Thrifty

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Removable Wallpaper Love!

 Hey guys,
We've shared with you in the past our girls bedroom makeover Here 
which we absolutely love, BUT we have a little secret.
 A nice little picture on a blog offers the luxury of not telling the whole truth.  There's a reaon you've only seen one side of this bedroom. Actually this whole house has lots of "secrets" that the camera doesn't show. :)

 On the other end of this room was an awkward neglected little nook.

Determined to make something out of it,
we "borrowed" big sisters vanity who was away at college
and in under an hours time this side of the rooms cuteness factor went way up.

How'd we do it in under an hour!?
Removable Wallpaper!
We found this  Chasing Paper  Peonies print
wallpaper that we thought would tie in perfectly with the gold theme we already had going on
on the other side of the room.
 Seriously guys,
in under 15 minutes we had the wallpaper part done!
Peel + Stick = Love
 Instant personality!
 Now all we had left to do was bring in the furniture and accessorize!

Before                                                         After
We're huge fans of Chasing Paper and their fun line of removable wallpapers.
As a renter, I can appreciate the possibilities this opens up to be able to personalize a space
and be able to remove it when needed.  
No landlord consent needed!
As easy as it is to put up.....
even easier to take down.
no steaming, no scraping, no crying, no swearing!
It's a game changer people!
  This adorable room is done by Anissa over at House Seven Blog using the gold peonies print.

We thought it would be fun to do a roundup of a few of the other patterns were loving over at

 Wallpaper all the things!
For one day, Chasing Paper is offering a one day discount code for you all!
Type in Fancy15 for 15% off any order put in today.
So go forth and....
Peel + Stick = Love

Monday, January 25, 2016

So you dont live in Your Dream Home!?

We wanted to share the transformation this room has seen over the years.

We originally shared our living room makeover at All Things Thrifty
It's been a few months so if you missed it there...


So you don’t live in your dream home!? 
Very few of us do.
So let’s go ahead and conquer those Dream Home Demons shall we!
They do nothing but rob us of the present!
Believe me, I know! 
I’ve wasted way too many years in waiting.  
So let’s quit the waiting and claim our victory with paint!
Lots and lots of paint!
For starters, you can check out our story of how Lizs’ family came to live at the farmhouse Here
We hope these Before and Afters inspire you to dig in and make your place you.


You won’t see any structural changes in any of these pictures.
This home has been a rental for our family,  so all changes we've made had to be purely aesthetic.
Just bring on the paint!
All Things Thrifty Living Room Makeover Final 
BEFORE                                                       AFTER
Lots and lots of paint!
We realize all landlords may not be as easy to work with (as he's my Dad).
but we hope this gives you some vision that change doesn't have to come at a high cost
or overnight for that matter.
It's a process.
And as for those "Future Dream Home Demons"
Kick them to the curb!
They only cloud our vision for the present and now.
Embrace what you have now and make it "You"!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Thrift Store Gallery Wall

Hey Guys,
We're over at All Things Thrifty 
Where we're sharing our thrift store gallery wall transformation!
Head over for our advice on how to make thrift store finds work in your home!
Once you get this concept,
you'll never look at thrift stores the same again!


Tuesday, January 12, 2016

How to Fake Ship Lap

This is just too genius not to share!

Emily from
The Wicker House
shared this change your life tutorial.
Tools required...
A pencil and a wall.
That's it!

Oh so genius yet oh so simple!  Where's my pencil!  No wall is safe!
I'm a mixture of amazed and jealous that I wasn't the genius first!  I fear no wall is safe!
This is what you call style on the cheap.
Love this girls house too!
Go take a visit The Wicker House


Tuesday, January 5, 2016

It's A Giveaway!
Love this message!
A daily reminder to "CHOOSE" our happiness.
Need a daily reminder?
Me too.  :)
Now's your chance to win this daily reminder.
Just follow along with us and Salty Bison,
 who just happens to make the cutest signs!

Catch us on Instagram and Facebook for further entries.
come back here and let us know you,ve entered.
That's it, and happy "choosing". :)

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Creating a Christmas Countdown

Hey Guys,
Whether we like it or not, the Christmas countdown is on!
Visit us over at
where we're sharing this fun up-cycle we created for 
a Christmas countdown.

Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 16, 2015



Win this adorable "Expect Miracles" pillow cover
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